Faris’ Major Accomplishments

A voice of reason for the people of Overland Park

The visionary for establishing a podium for the voice of the people in form of “public comments” for the first time in the history of Overland Park: A thirty minutes free-speech episode in the beginning of all city council meetings when people can talk to their councilmembers directly.
A constant advocate for fiscal responsibility by opposing “tax giveaways” and any other forms of the waste of tax payers money by transferring tax dollars to multimillion private entities including apartment builders.
A voice for the people to save the OP from “apartment invasion” and “Overdevelopment”, an advocate for sensible urban planning for Overland Park. Supporting neighborhoods and their quality of life against overdevelopment all around Overland Park including:
  1. Ward 5: Sorrento II project
  2. Ward 5: 143 AND Metcalf
  3. Ward 5: 133rd and Nall
  4. Ward 3: Brookridge project
  5. Ward 2: Ranchmart South project
  6. Ward 4: Nottingham on the green neighborhood
  7. Ward 6: Ryan’s Run neighberhood
  8. Ward 6: Arboretum neighberhood
  9. Ward 6: Bluhawk development
  10. Ward 1: Santa Fe Park neighborhood

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Proactive leadership at the time of need: Promoting the use of Overland Park Convention Center for vaccination when OP needed it.
“Farassati first raised the possibility of using the convention center as a mass vaccination site in an email to Overland Park Mayor Carl Gerlach and City Manager Bill Ebel on Jan. 15 – well before people waited outside in the cold at Okun Fieldhouse."

KSHB, Report By: Andy Alcock, Posted at 4:45 PM, Feb 03, 2021

Watchful reminder of government’s fiduciary duty during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to protect tax dollars and prevent waste.
Faris Farassati is one of the two council members to vote against the purchase and who is still asking the council to rescind the vote approving funding. He told The Star: "When we look at the CARES Act and where this country is going with the economy, people are losing jobs. People are not able to pay rent. People are not able to pay utilities. I personally do not find it necessary to buy a bunch of expensive cameras to essentially make money."
A powerful voice to protect the benefit of public and fight the influence of special interest groups.
A strong supporter of first responders, public safety and furloughed low pay workers in all cases including stablishing hazard pay for first responders during covid-19 pandemic.
A strong proponent of transparency, accountability, responsible decision making and equality .
An unconditional ally for the people of Overland Park and a friend to the city’s history
A strong supporter of small businesses and responsible economic development.

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An advocate for reducing juvenile incarceration: Working with law enforcement, state and county officials to reduce juvenile detention for non-violent crimes.